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Lifelong philanthropist and philosopher, Jared Angaza holds a space for evocative discussions on philosophy, science, consciousness, politics, and culture. How do we utilize the wisdom of indigenous cultures, sages, and revolutionaries to forge a path towards peace and unity? The intention of the show is to inspire the audience to live deliberately and to come into alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit.
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Nov 23, 2016

Everyone that cares about the wellbeing of humanity is faced with contemplating how they might leverage their time and resources to give back, to help others in some way. Why? Because you care and you feel some sense of responsibility to contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

But how? How does one serve effectively? There is enough information available to us through the Internet that most people are well aware of concepts such as “dead aid” and how our efforts to help often result in contributing to the very problem we’ve set out to solve, or in creating a new one. We know that not all methods of altruism are actually helpful.

So how do we help? How do we serve effectively? How do we reimagine philanthropy, aid and missions? How do we ensure that we’re not contributing to the problem or creating new problems? How do we avoid fostering dependency and entitlement?

Join Jared Angaza as he discusses the concept of "conscious philanthropy" and how we can reimagine the possibilities and transform perspectives. 

Nov 16, 2016

Inipi Radio is a twice-weekly podcast that holds space for discussions about lifestyles, science, consciousness, indigenous wisdom, philanthropy, creativity, and culture. The show is founded upon the belief that our most effective contribution to a more peaceful and loving world is for each of us to align with love.

In this episode, host Jared Angaza provides a brief overview of the ethos behind the show and what you can expect from the experience. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey. We hope you'll join us!